Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sta. Cruzan

So proud to my daughter Denden when she got invited to join the Sta. Cruzan in our baranggay.I heared people saying how beautiful she was some says she is like a doll :) some people asked for permission to take a photos of her.My heart was full of joy and very proud of her.She enjoyed walking and seeing lots of people watching them, but then she got tired and wants to be carry hahaha!.At the end of the parade the kagawad once again asked me if my daughter can join in Miss Little Pandan on July 30th :) hhhmmm, let me think about that hehehe!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How I organized some of my embellishments

I organized my embellishment before I move to my new place.Most of it I bought at the local craft stores.Here also I put some of my buttons.My branded embellishments are in a secret place hahaha!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Toy

This is my new toy the cricut machine that I'm excited to try and play with yeheyy!!!

My goodies

Can't wait to show you my happiness, when I saw what is inside the box. Lots and lots and lots of scrapbook materials.Here's are some of it...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Box arrived

A few months ago, my loving bf bought many scrapbooking items from Walmart while he was working in the states. Each night he would show me what he purchased. I kept sending him back for more! My bf is so sweet! He was shopping for me and very supportive of my hobby.
Early this morning the box finally arrived! I have waited 1 month. The shipping company is too slow. Anyway, inside the box are many scrapbooking goodies.
Later I will show you what is inside the boxes. I’m about to move to my new place next week and put together my own scraproom. I am getting so excited right now.

Inside the big box are another 4 box

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How I stored my Ribbons

After finding and sorting a solutions on how I will store my scattered ribbons hahaha! they are finally have place and I'm pretty sure will work well for me :).So here is how I stored my Ribbons.Hope it gives all of you an idea ;)

Friends Layouts

Just want to show the 2 layouts that my friends did :).It's their first time to make layout and to know scrapbooking. Actually, its a contest for them who can make a nice layout and I will treat them "meryenda" if ever who gonna win hahaha!.I taught them the uses of my materials and how to use my tools.Ok! for consideration I treat them both hahaha!.