Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun giveaways

Hey guys, check this out Leesa is celebrating a National scrapbooking day and she is giving away a great prizes :) check her blog now for a chance to win this cool prizes.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

CD mini album

I utilized another CD case to make a mini album for my nephews. This is my first time to make a boys layout. For this album I chose three matching colors. I hope I have done well on this project. I need to improve my scrapbooking skills but for now I am happy with what I have created so far. I am open to suggestions.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stamps Organizations

At last, I found out how to organize my clear and unmounted stamps. I’m pretty sure this will work for me. Unlike before I always changed how I stored them and I didn’t like it because I kept thinking what the best way to organize my stamps. Now, I have two types of storage for my clear stamps.

This is where I keep my big clear stamps. I adhere the back of my stamps on glossy paper. Then, I designed the front to add more life to my storage container.

This is a CD storage unit and my small clear stamps perfectly fit in here. Plus, it has a number system so I know where the stamp I am looking for. aaahhh! Winnie the Pooh is cute too...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CD holder

I made a cube CD holder for my mini albums. This can sit on the coffee table or be displayed at the sala for visitors to see while they are waiting. Isn't this cute!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My daughter's first day at ballet class hard for her because people were watching her but it only lasted for a moment. Her confidence came back when they began to dance and the teacher, Bubble, telling them to focus. She was so cute as I watched her make the wrong moves but proud that I saw her cathing up with the other students. I kept hearing Bubble saying "very good Denden." She is a fast learner and I see a future dancer in her just like mommy.

Here's a short videos of her while I'm watching her from far :) yeah! I zoomed the camera...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cute LO's

Ok! I tried to make layouts again despite that I'm just a neophyte and afraid to use what materials I have hahaha! hhhmmm, am I weired or I just really don't have idea how to use it, well I admit I'm not born artist but it amazed me sometimes that I created things like this.I kept searching and applying what techniques I've learned from past workshops that I attented last time :). Hey, my work is not bad for a new scrapper like me hehehe!

By request!

Here is the project that we made last April 4-5 Scrap Jam. This mini album is what I love the most :) very easy and fun to make using the old and new fiskars border punches. I am looking forward for the next Scrap Jam...

Scrap Jam

This is what we did last March 28 at Rekindled moment store. I love this 2 Layouts that we made and the 2 Butterfly album, sorry! but I'm not finish yet with the mini's hehehe!...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Layout :)

Just a thought to show what I made this morning. I just lifted this to someone I saw in youtube :). Thanks to her for being an inspiration to someone like me who just starting in this hobby...

It's a fun learning experience...

Its been a long time since I post my last blog and I almost forgot about it hahaha!.I still catching up, well I can say LOTS of catching :(. Anyway, I've been part of 2 classes. My first workshop was in Rekindled last March 28 and the Scrap Jam Apr.4-5. It was lots of fun and learning.To see actual tutorials it was very helpful for me.Here's some of photos of Rekindled and Scrap jam...Thanks to Ate Cookie and Jane of rekindled and Gracie, Romely,Ate Yoyin and Ate Tina that I finally met in persons,nicest people I met at the Jam :)and to those peoples I met at the jam :)...

Scrap Jam April 4-5,2009

Rekindled March 28,2009