Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots of VTR

Its been so long that I haven't visit my blog to update the new image of my scraproom and to give a prize for those who will leave a comment through a raffle draw. Recently, my daughter "Denden" attended various VTR. Actually, I'm too busy for supporting her but I think it was worth it because the result was great. My Daughter has a shooting on sunday for a catsup commercial, which will be her first commercial ever on tv, but I still need to wait for the time and location via text message or a call on friday. I am really so excited what will happen on sunday. Anyway, check out my daughter's pictures together with "bulilit bulilit sanay sa masikip, kung kumilos ang liit liit" commercial model and with some kids during the VTR.

Do you recognized the child on the left side of my Daughter? Well, I have taken her a picture together with my daughter and another talent.

This is Boguy a cute kid who has been part of tv commercials such as Safeguard, Biogesic, Sumo, etc.


  1. Wow! Congrats to your little girl. Excited ako to see her commercial. Ganda naman kasi talaga ni Denden. I'm sure you're one proud momma.

  2. Galing naman li'l girl mo :) congrats! u might wanna share her 1st tv commercial on your blog soon so we can watch it too :) have a great day!