Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a fun learning experience...

Its been a long time since I post my last blog and I almost forgot about it hahaha!.I still catching up, well I can say LOTS of catching :(. Anyway, I've been part of 2 classes. My first workshop was in Rekindled last March 28 and the Scrap Jam Apr.4-5. It was lots of fun and learning.To see actual tutorials it was very helpful for me.Here's some of photos of Rekindled and Scrap jam...Thanks to Ate Cookie and Jane of rekindled and Gracie, Romely,Ate Yoyin and Ate Tina that I finally met in persons,nicest people I met at the Jam :)and to those peoples I met at the jam :)...

Scrap Jam April 4-5,2009

Rekindled March 28,2009

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