Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stamps Organizations

At last, I found out how to organize my clear and unmounted stamps. I’m pretty sure this will work for me. Unlike before I always changed how I stored them and I didn’t like it because I kept thinking what the best way to organize my stamps. Now, I have two types of storage for my clear stamps.

This is where I keep my big clear stamps. I adhere the back of my stamps on glossy paper. Then, I designed the front to add more life to my storage container.

This is a CD storage unit and my small clear stamps perfectly fit in here. Plus, it has a number system so I know where the stamp I am looking for. aaahhh! Winnie the Pooh is cute too...


  1. Wow ang galing naman Fred. Ako super kailangan ng organization hindi lang ng stamps kundi ng lahat ng scrap items ko. Hehe. Mukhang binagyo na scrap table ko eh.

  2. bongga nito! i did something similar pero mas maganda to ateh! great idea!

  3. nalokah ako sa dami ng stamps! great way of organizing your stamps. i got and implemented a similar idea from candy. kaya lang di kaya ng powers ko na i-decorate pa ang folder. nice job!